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AmeriGlide is the nation’s leading retailer of mobility and disability products.  Our success is a direct result of providing affordable products without sacrificing quality.  We offer a wide selection of stair lifts, vertical platform lifts, mobility scooters, walk-in tubs and many other products at that represent the highest quality products available on the market.  We have worked hard to bring down the price of our products so that anyone can afford to increase their mobility and enjoy greater freedom.  In addition, we also offer the most extensive warranties in the country.  You can rest assured that your investment in an AmeriGlide product will be protected for years to come.

Browse through our AmeriGlide website to learn more.  You can also call or visit our conveniently located showroom today in Springfield, OH!  Our friendly and knowledgeable experts are standing by ready to help and answer all your questions.  Don’t wait any longer.  Let us get you on the road to greater independence today!

AmeriGlide Customers in their stair lifts and vertical lifts

AmeriGlide customers enjoying their new found freedom!

Transport yourself upstairs and downstairs with comfort and ease! With an AmeriGlide stair lift all you have to do is sit, and the chair lifts you up the steps. AmeriGlide manufactures the only stair lifts specifically designed for home owner installation and the only stair lifts that include a 5 year warranty. With industry leading low prices, AmeriGlide makes it easy for homeowners to purchase a stair lift.

Choose an AC-powered stair lift from AmeriGlide and regain the use of your second floor without the worry of a fall injury. Our stair lifts are designed for easy installation and run on standard 110-volt household power outlets. AmeriGlide stair lifts are also backed by the best warranty coverage in the industry, so call today to speak with a mobility solution expert and begin planning for your AmeriGlide stair lift!  View Products

AmeriGlide's DC-powered stair lifts feature a battery pack which constantly recharges as the stair lift moves along the track. In the event of a power outage, the battery pack can run for a few cycles so you can get to a safe location until electricity service can be restored. Don't get stuck on your stair lift - and definitely don't get stuck with sub-par warranty coverage. Choose an AmeriGlide stair lift and enjoy the best warranty protection in today's stair lift industry.  View Products

For our customers who require maximum lifting capacity, accept no substitutions for the AmeriGlide Heavy Duty stair lift. Featuring an extra-wide seat and boasting an impressive 500-pound weight capacity, the AmeriGlide HD stair lift plugs into any standard grounded 110-volt outlet. A 36-inch wide stairway is required for installation. For the strongest stair lift your dollar can buy, call today to order your heavy duty stair lift solution!  View Products

AmeriGlide offers factory-reconditioned stair lifts which were previously used as demo units at trade shows or in storefronts. After these stair lifts clear our intensive factory inspection process, we sell them at reduced prices. Our reconditioned stair lifts are backed by a 1-year warranty on parts and a 2-year warranty on the drive train, so you won't sacrifice peace of mind for a lower price! Call now to order your factory-reconditioned AmeriGlide stair lift!  View Products

In addition to our own quality-engineered stair lifts, we also buy and sell used stair lifts from other manufacturers. If you have a stair lift unit manufactured either by us or by Acorn, Pinnacle, or Summit that you no longer need to use, we want to hear from you! Contact an AmeriGlide representative today and we'll give you top-dollar value for your used stair lift. Or, get a lower price on a much-needed stair lift by buying a used unit from us!   View Products

Additional AmeriGlide Categories
AmeriGlide Vertical Platform Lift

Starting at $3,695.00

A vertical platform lift from AmeriGlide can increase mobility and accessibility in your home or business.  Learn more about this affordable option and how easy it can be to install!

AmeriGlide Dumbwaiters

Starting at $3,895.00

An Express Dumbwaiter from AmeriGlide is the perfect tool to help you carry heavy loads throughout your home without unnecessary stress and strain.

AmeriGlide Pool Lifts

Starting at $3,475.00

  • Fully submersible
  • Easy to use sealed hand control
  • Easy to remove for seasonal storage
  • Hand control easily removes to eliminate unauthorized use
AmeriGlide Wheelchair Lifts

Starting at $425.00

Need a wheelchair lift to help you transport your wheelchair or mobility scooter up stairs or across town?  AmeriGlide offers a wide selection of lifts to fit your needs.

AmeriGlide Bath Lifts

Starting at $3,995.00

AmeriGlide bathtub lifts provide a simple and affordable tool that can help you safely navigate your tub without have to invest in expensive bathroom modifications.

AmeriGlide Walk In Tubs

Starting at $737.00

Learn more about AmeriGlide’s selection of walk-in tubs and how they can transform your bathroom into a safe place for anyone with mobility challenges.

AmeriGlide Lift Chairs

Starting at $499.00

When it comes to quality lift chairs at affordable prices, AmeriGlide has the best selection around.  Start customizing your chair today!

AmeriGlide Mobility Scooters

Starting at $649.99

All of AmeriGlide’s mobility scooters are designed to be lightweight, powerful, and easy to transport.  Some models can even fit in the trunk of your car!